We’re a branding agency with a single minded approach. We see people as brands and brands as people too. We’re all about energising brands and making them easier to understand. We have a way of identifying human characteristics in brands, giving them unique values and personal traits that bring Brands to life.
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In 2005, Paul Findlay and Anna Rogers founded branding agency HubGroup, a creative agency with a strategic approach to brand building and a belief that simpler is better.

HubGroup is an energetic brand agency who use their creative and strategic talents to drive inventive and uncomplicated communications to energise businesses and bring brands to life.
  • Hub News

    A big congratulations to Cobram Estate! Australia’s most awarded Extra Virgin olive oil producer, has followed up its stunning performance at the 2013 New York International Olive Oil Competition (recognised as one of the most important olive oil awards in the world, just for the record,) with another hefty medal haul at the 2014 Competition for the second
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  • Latest Work

    We’ve just launched a campaign called ‘Burst of Flavour’ for our favourite tuna brand. Sirena has introduced some fresh new flavours to their range. We’ve worked with them to spread the ‘flavour love’ in a digital, print and outdoor campaign. And just between you and me, these new flavours really do taste as good as they look. One taste and
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  • Insights & Ideas

    January 28, 2014, 3:38 pm | By Paul Findlay

    OK so if you like the sound of a huge, full sized and extremely life like sculpture of a nude, hairy, part gorilla / part man like creature, carefully holding a graceful woman, whilst walking in his stride… or perhaps a freaky black cat, staring directly at you, impatiently waving and trying to get your

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