We’re a branding agency with a digital vision and a single minded approach. We’re all about energising brands at every touch point and making them easier to understand. We have a way of identifying human characteristics in brands, giving them unique values and personal traits that bring Brands to life both digitally...and the real world.
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In 2005, Paul Findlay and Anna Rogers founded branding agency HubGroup, a creative agency with a strategic approach to brand building and a belief that simpler is better.

HubGroup is an energetic brand agency who use their creative and strategic talents to drive inventive, uncomplicated digital and offline communications to energise businesses and bring brands to life.
  • Hub News

    Cobram Estate Ultra Premium
    Cobram Estate has cleaned up with too many 2014 Gold Medals to mention. But let’s just say it’s an EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) Awards winner in New York, LA and Japan. The world’s most ultra premium extra virgin olive oil needed an ultra premium brand campaign to compliment its award winning taste. Wagyu anyone?
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  • Latest Work

    We had the pleasure recently of working with Angela, Eliza and Nick Brown on a delectably, fancy Durif called ‘The Doctor’. We instantly had an image of a rather dapper and eccentric doctor from a charming era, this is what we came up with. Watch this space for his soon to be released partners in
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  • Insights & Ideas

    Fat Brand Mark
    September 25, 2014, 3:32 pm | By Paul Findlay

    You’ve probably never really thought about why some brands leave better impressions than others, why would you? Sometimes just looking at a companies Brand Mark (a snazzy word for logo) and brand name, it can just feel better… and sometimes it even looks just the way that you expect it to look, it’s been crafted so

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